Starry Nights Take Me Away

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Hello, I'm Heather I'm 21 years old and married to my best friend after 7 years together. We were married on our 7 year anniversary on May 17, 2012. This blog is just a recorded journey through my life, what I like and other random things. None of the photographs I post are mine unless other wise stated. =] Anything else you want to know, feel free to ask!!

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So I’ve been resting all day and I’m actually enjoying it and if you know me that is a bigggg thing. I hate hate hate being lazy and not doing anything, but honestly this not feeling good thing and with everything is going on is just finally nice to relax and rest.

I’ve been drinking lottssss of water and cranberry juice like the doctors ordered and taking my medicines and making myself eat. I have not done anything today and I like it that way. I feel a tiny teeny teeny bit better I guess.

I finally finished reading Chosen from the House of Night series. I have to say I was a little shocked with some parts. =/
It was a really good book and now I’ve started the next one Untamed. I’m just going to continue resting I suppose. =]

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